Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Where Are We?

It's been a while since my last post! 
We have been just a wee bit busy! 

We are almost completely moved into our new house~
(One downfall to not having your house sold before moving is you take your sweet time about it)
But we have been moving and painting and cleaning for weeks now! 
It's all starting to come together, and hopefully I can show pics soon!

We have been decorating for Christmas!
I love this time of year!  It is so much fun!
One of my favorite things is to discover all of the new decorations I bought the previous year on clearance!  It's like Christmas morning to me, just getting it all out!

This year we got the Elf on the Shelf!  I have been wanting to get one for a few years, and finally did this year!
The kids named him Filwood and we are having so much fun with him!
He has been found hanging upside down from the light fixture, riding a glass elephant in the curio cabinet, hanging on a wreath and he even decorated the tree with the kids' underwear! Can't wait to see what other shenanigans he causes before Christmas!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in our new house which was really nice!  It is so great to have enough space for everyone!

Oh, and one other thing.....our homestudy is finished!  YAY!!!  Got an email from our SW today that all of our Illinois clearances are back.  Now we are just waiting on one clearance from Iowa (Tyson lived there for 90 days while he was in Optometry school) and the FBI (which are running VERY slow right now :(      Then it's on to I800a.......

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


We had our second homestudy visit today and it went great!
She was here for about 6 hours! 
And we covered A LOT of ground!
But we are moving forward!!!!!
She will be back 2 days next week to finish up our 4 home visits
(one day for a home tour and one day for individual interviews with each of us and the kids)
and expects to have our homestudy finished by Thanksgiving! 

So our main objectives for the next few weeks are to complete a few "homework" assignments she gave us and wait for background clearances to come back.
The homework will be the easy part.
Waiting on clearances....not so much.