Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

Two weeks in a row!!!  Go me!!!

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

I love the beach!  I could spend all day every day there!  The beach in our town looks just like this--minus the white sand and blue water.  Our beach is mostly gravel with a teeny bit o' sand meeting up with the lake that houses our nuclear power plant.  But if I plant my new beach umbrella and close my eyes, it looks JUST like this pic! 

After spending the day at aforementioned beach, Solarcaine is my new BFF.  We are meeting up multiple times daily!  It happens every year.  It doesn't matter how much sunscreen I apply, my fair self BURNS.  And after a few days, all that burnt skin will peel off and I will be all cracker white again.  *sigh*

My newfound LOVE!  I have never been a huge Sun Chips fan, but these little crisps make my taste buds sing! 

These are my other snack of choice as of late.  I love these little suckers.  They are so good to eat by themselves, and are terrific in salads!  The kids love them too! 

My little guy!  Rylee is away at camp so little man has had our undivided attention all week.  It has been so great to just focus on him, play with him, dance with him, help him with his reading, and listen to his endless chatter.  He has been so well behaved and is enjoying all the extra attention!

--On a not so "Loving" note--I just have to vent my frustration for a sec.  Last week I logged 11 1/2 hours at the gym.  Seriously.  That is a LOT of time spent working out!  My reward?  This week I GAINED .4 lbs.  Are you kidding me????
This is how it goes.  I have been working out like this for about 3 months now.  In the past 8 weeks, I have only lost 6 pounds.  Come on.  I could GAIN that in a week!  GRRRRRR.....
*ok, vent over.  I feel better now.  But I'm still fat* 

Have a great week!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

Wow!  It's a been a while since I've posted my Wednesday loves!!!
It has been crazy busy around these parts.
But that's no excuse!  I promise to do better.


Little boy legs!  These are the legs of a little man who plays outside all day long.  The boy runs and climbs like it's his job.  These are the legs of a little guy who is enjoying summer to its fullest!

Reebok ZigTech.  I bought these sweet new kicks and I LOVE them!  They are super comfy and they seem to absorb lots of shock.  They are easy on the leg muscles and since they have a wide base they improve balance (since I am rather clumsy anyway!)  With my recent foot surgery and working out so much, I needed a good shoe and I sure found it! Oh, and how cute are they?!

Speaking of working out, I am LOVING my workouts!  I am spending about 10 hours a week working out.  It goes something like this:  Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings:  45 minutes of Get Strong class (strength training) then an hour of Zumba.  Monday & Wednesday nights:  30 minutes of Just Abs class, 60 minutes of Cardio Kickboxing.  Tuesday & Thursday nights:  an hour of Zumba.  Saturday morning:  an hour of Zumba followed by an hour of Cardio Kickboxing. 

So with that schedule, hopefully soon I will be posting that I am lovin' looking like this!

I am also lovin' that my girlie was released by her orthopedist to resume activity after her broken foot.  She did 3 weeks of physical therapy and will continue strength excercises at home.  But she is ready to start running again, and she couldn't be happier! 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bowling Fundraiser

Saturday night we had our first big adoption fundraiser! 
The bowling alley in a nearby town has an awesome fundraiser already in place, so all we had to do was sell the tickets.  I say that like it was no big deal, but let me tell was scary! 
We had 80 tickets to sell, and the fee to the bowling alley was the cost of the first 40 tickets.  It took me a while to even commit to this because I was so afraid we wouldn't sell the tickets and maybe even end up in the hole! 
But one day I was talking it over with my mom and she just said "You're either in this or you're not.  You have to decide.  If this is what you have to do to get your baby home, then you're going to have to take a leap of faith." 
So we LEPT. 
And you know what?  It worked!  Not only did we sell all 80 tickets, but we had to turn a few people down!  Local businesses, friends, etc totally came through for us by donating prizes for a silent auction.
We also had some smaller prizes for a Chinese Auction, which was very popular! 
Everyone had a great time cosmic bowling, eating, drinking, and bidding on prizes!  Even the bowling alley staff was bidding in the silent auction! 
It was so much fun, and I am SO thankful for so many friends and family who came to support us! 
We truly felt their love and support for our journey! 
Thank you to everyone who came, donated, or supported our night!  We love you all!

Tyson running the Chinese Auction

Sweet cousins sharing some cheese balls!

Calling off the silent auction winners!

Poster I made to thank everyone who donated!