Sunday, January 30, 2011

What's in a Name?

Hey everyone! Welcome to Ladybugs and Elephants....our family blog! I cannnot believe that after months and months of serious blog stalking I have one of my very own! Hopefully I'll have my very own stalkers, too! I'm new to this so hopefully I will have the kinks worked out soon!

First, a bit of background info. I am a stay at home mom who rarely stays at home! We are usually on the go for one reason or another! I am married to Tyson and he is the best husband EVER! Rylee is our daughter, age 11. She is smart, athletic, and beautiful. And the girl is FUNNY!!Evan is our 4 year old little man. He is the most intelligent, hilarious, and stubborn little guy I've ever known! He's also a total train junkie.

We titled our blog "Ladybugs and Elephants" for a couple reasons. 1: Before Tyson and I ever met we were both elephant collectors. Once we shacked up were married we had quite an extensive collection and they symbolize good luck and happiness in our marriage! 2: Ladybugs have come to be known as a symbol of good luck in the Chinese adoption world.......*however THAT may relate to our family*..wink,wink....

I am thrilled to have you along to witness our lives! I hope you "follow" us through all our adventures!


TODD said...

You're on your way.... you just got your 1st donation!!! (it said transaction pending until the 4th)

Kristi said...

Hey Tonia - blog looks great!

Debbie Barnes said...

HOLY COW!! That's SUPER exciting, guys!! I'm really happy for you!!

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