Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birthday Surprise

Wednesday was Tyson's birthday!  We just had a small family celebration at home that evening. 
When he got home from work on Friday, I told him the kids (and the dog) had "decided to go" to my mom's house, so let's go for a little drive.  I drove for 2 hours, with him asking about every 7 minutes where we were going.  Every time he asked I replied, "we're just going for a drive!"
Once we arrived in St. Louis, I went to the hotel, got out at the valet, opened up the back of the van and pulled out our suitcase (which he had no idea was back there!)  Tyson was laughing the entire time, wondering what on earth was going on!  After checking in and getting to our room, I take clothes out of the suitcase, tell him to change and proceed to get myself ready.  Again, he asks what is going on, so I tell him as soon as we are changed we are going to "go for a walk!" 
We walked 2 blocks to the Scottrade Center, where upon entering the building I proceed to pull 2 tickets out of my purse, hand them to the man at the door and make our way to our seats.  Tyson was literally squirming with anticipation...we had been in our seats about 10 minutes and he still had no idea what was going on!  Finally, one of the electronic boards around the arena gave it away.....we were at a Josh Groban concert!  Tyson (and I) LOVES Josh Groban!  He was so surprised!  We enjoyed the concert, returned to the hotel afterward, slept in the next day, and had lunch at The Old Spaghetti Factory (no trip to STL is complete with out OSF!)  before returning home! 

After he read the board, he still made me pull out proof we were really about to see his fave musician!!

Josh (yeah, we're on a first name basis now) was UH-MAZING!!!

If the whole singing gig doesn't work out for him, he could truly make a living as a stand up comedian!  The guy is hilarious!!!

It was so great to get away for a little while and just be together!  We actually got to finish conversations without being interrupted by the kids, the phone, life! 
Happy Birthday to my sweetie!  I am so glad you had fun!


Kristi said...

You rock Tonia - wife of the year fo-sho! Happy bday to your hubs!

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