Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fair Oaks Farm

This weekend we took the kiddos on a little road trip to Fair Oaks, Indiana. 
There is an awesome dairy farm there we like to visit.
It is a day full of fun and education all in one!

This photo is for Uncle Shawn!

There is a narrated bus tour that takes you through the farm, the barns, the nursery, the milking carousel, etc.   It is a completely self-sustained farm.  They grow all their own feed and everything the cows need.  They clean the barns 3 times daily and the manure is used to power the visitor's center and other buildings.

Babies in the nursery.  So cute!

The milking carousel is one of the craziest things you will ever see!  The barn holds 500 cows at a time.  They filter in 1 by 1, get on the carousel, and a technician hooks up the milking vacuum.  It takes 8 1/2 minutes to make a complete rotation and they are completely milked.  Then the cow just backs out of her spot, turns around, and returns to the barn!  They are brought in 3 times a day for milking.  Fair Oaks has 3 of these carousels.

Rylee climbing the magnet wall. 

Mrs. Cowmoon

Ready for the 3D/4D movie!

Outside is a play area that the kids LOVED!

Of course, Evan had to ride the train first!  He wasn't happy the engine was already full, but he rode up there on his second trip around!

This was like bouncing on a huge blob of jello!  It was really big!  Only problem was it was super hot on the feet!

Evan took advantage of the sprinkler system! 

String Cheese maze

Tractor races!

By far, the coolest attraction at Fair Oaks Farm is the birthing barn.  They birth 80-100 calves EVERY DAY.  They fill each stall with a momma in labor, and you just sit and watch.  They have a vet standing by so if she needs help they can assist the birth.  We sat in there for about an hour and watched 3 heifers give birth, and the last one had TWINS!!!  So cute!

*Warning:  Video is a little graphic*  The cow on the left had just given birth and was cleaning up her baby.  The cow on the right is about to deliver.  Poor momma is having some big contractions!  You can see the front hoofs emerging.

Even though is was super hot outside, we had an UDDERly aMOOOsing day at Fair Oaks!!!


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