Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Party Time!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled WILW post to bring you a special edition of
"Birthday Bash 2011"

This year's party theme was "Minute to Win It"!  It was perfect for the crowd we had!
We had about 30 guests who each received a score card when we started. 
Each player chose a game (some games could accomodate 3-4 people).
Once everyone was stationed, we started the clock.  If they completed the task in 60 seconds, it got
circled on the score card.  Then everyone moved to another game. 

Junk in the Trunk--tie a tissue box full of ping pong balls around your waist.  Get all the balls out by shaking, wiggling, etc.

Egg Roll---Get an egg into the target by fanning it with a pizza box!

Candy Elevator--Tied 2 pencils together.  Contestants have to pull the strings and get 3 m&m's in their mouth!

Suck It Up--Use a straw to suck up M&M's and get them into a bowl!

Tilt-A-Cup--Stack 8 cups.  Bounce a ping pong ball and catch it in the cup.  Move bottom cup to top and continue process until all balls and cups are used!  (This was REALLY hard!)

Floatacious--Stack 5 empty soda cans in a plate floating in water!

A Bit Dicey--Stack 6 dice on a popsicle stick in your mouth!

Face the Cookie--get a cookie from forehead into mouth only using facial muscles!  (Hilarious to watch!)

Sticky Balls (we called it Sticky Marbles--Jr. High kids.  Ya know.)--Roll marbles from one end of the table and get it to stick to the double sided tape at the opposite end of the table.

Everyone worked up an appetite playing games so we had a yummy taco bar!

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Evan....

....and then to Rylee

All the kiddos got a plain cupcake and we set out different candy toppings.  They had one minute to decorated their cupcake however they wanted!

And of course.....presents!

Guests all went home with water bottle party favors with a goody bag attached. 

It was such an easy party to put together, and SOOO much fun!!!!


A Case Photo Place said...

Looks like a great party, Tonia! Tell Evan "The Girl with the Golden Eyes" says Happy Birthday! :)

Sara said...

Wish I was invited! Actually, I tried to convince my big ole' family to do this last year for Christmas, but they wanted to do the ugly sweater contest instead. I think this would have been so much better! Love the cupcake decorating in a minute idea too! You are such a super mom!

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