Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Not sure if I will get used to this

I know that most people don't understand adoption. 
They don't understand why others adopt, especially internationally.
They don't understand the dynamics.
They really can't be blamed, it is just because they are not informed.
I expected this when we began this journey. 
But it still leaves me in awe every singe time someone makes a rude comment.

For example:
Last week as I was pulling out of the Y, a man literally chased me down, and asked me if we were adopting from China.  I told him yes.  He then proceeded to give me a lecture on reasons why we should NOT adopt and had to tell me a horror story of someone he knew who adopted from China 10 years ago.
Like when you're pregnant and people feel that they need to tell you their horrific birth experience, or worse.  Like telling you about their miscarriage or some other terrible event.
Not necessary.

And today at the Y, a woman asked me if we were adopting.  She then told me a story that went JUST like this:
"Oh that's great!  My sister adopted a girl from China (because that's all you can get of course) in 1996.  She is very short, but they have been very happy with her.  In fact, they still have her and everything! "

Like she was a sofa they got a great deal on.

Oh boy.  This is gonna take some patience!


Melissa said...

I think you will get that no matter what situation you were in. When I was pg with # 5 alot of ppl asked if "don't you know what causes that?" Of course I do! Ppl feel the need to commment about everything and give their stories and opinoins! Just try to roll with it and ignore them. I have a feeling just by the stories I have heard from our friend who adopted from China the rude comments will only get worse once you actually have your little girl :(

Kristi said...

just wait until you bring the sweet bebe home - "how much did she cost"/"how much did you pay for her"...."why didn't her real mom want her?"....I could go on & on

Sara said...

Don't you just want to say back "hey, didn't your daughter's natural son do drugs, go to jail, end up short, etc.?" or something along that line. I think you need to start working on some comeback lines...oh golly, what YOU could come up with!

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