Monday, January 2, 2012


Happy New Year!

It is a new year, and I am so excited!
There are a lot of BIG things happening around here, which should (hopefully) all come to fruition this year!
I am not a person who usually makes New Year's Resolutions.
Instead, I prefer to set some goals for myself. 
Last year's goal list went pretty well.  We checked off almost every item on our list!
This year, with so many things happening, I think I am better off choosing 1 word to focus on.
So this year, my word is PATIENCE.  And for me, that's a biggie!
I am not a patient person by any stretch.
And I am learning that this year especially, I have to work on that.

I have to be more patient with my children.
I have to be more patient with my husband.
I have to be more patient when I drive.
I have to be more patient when I want something.
I have to be more patient with my weight loss.
I have to be more patient with paying off debt.
I have to be more patient when I wait in line.
And probably, most importantly, I have to figure out a way to be more patient with our adoption.
The entire process is long.  It's a bunch of "hurry up and wait".
It's a LOT of waiting.
And more waiting.
And then, you wait some more.
And frankly, I am just NOT good at that.

I am trying really hard to be patient this week, but so far, it's not going so great (and it's only Monday!)

We are still waiting on our State approval of our homestudy.  It usually only takes about a week, but the person who does the approvals took off the week between Christmas and New Year.
She should have received our HS Tuesday or Wednesday (Dec. 20/21), so I am *patiently* hoping and praying that we have it by the end of this week. 
 (Chanting to self: I will be patient, I will be


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