Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Special Day

Today is Mother's Day!
It is a day to spend with your children, making memories with them, and reflecting on the day they came into your life.  I did all of those things.
My very favorite Mother's Day tradition is Tyson and the kids bring me breakfast in bed and Evan climbs up next to me and eats most of it!  It cracks me up!

Today is also Nola's birthday.  She is officially 2 years old!  
I did not get to spend the day with her.  And I spent most of the day thinking about her
and of the things we have missed, but focusing on all the "firsts" yet to come. 

But on this day, I also could not stop thinking about her birth mother.
I cannot even begin to imagine what she is feeling today.  
The loss, the grief, perhaps shame and guilt have to be consuming her.
We do not know (nor will we ever know) the circumstances that forced her to abandon her child, but it could not have been an easy decision to make or to live with.
I hope on this day, and every day, she may know a sense of peace that "our" daughter will be safe, loved, taken care of, provided for, loved, happy, nurtured, loved, and she will have a family, friends, opportunities, freedoms, and SO VERY LOVED....all of the things every mother wants for their child.  
I wish she could know that.

We had family over for a Mother's Day/Birthday celebration.
I cooked Chinese food and we had a Dairy Queen ice cream cake and a few presents.

(I didn't get many got a little crazy!

Altar flowers we donated at church in honor of Nola's birthday

Birthday care package we sent her, along with a birthday cake.  Not really sure what's in the bag.  Figs maybe?  I hope it's nothing weird :)  We wrote her a letter and it was translated.  I think the item in the bottom left corner is a card, but not sure.

Card Rylee made for Nola...I cannot wait to see the sister bond form between them!

Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl.  I cannot wait to hold you in my arms.  This will be your last birthday without a family, and next year will be the motherload of celebrations!!!



Sara said...

Ah...I need a funny Tonia blog post next! Another tear jerker for me...though they are good kinda cries. I bet you are already planning the theme for her 3rd birthday :) Happy Mother's Day!!

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