Thursday, May 3, 2012

While I wait

Waiting for the LOA is hard. 
It's really, really hard.
It is long, unpredictable and torture.
I have days where I am fine, content and rational.
Other days...not so much.

We have been wanting to redo our 1/2 bath ever since we bought our house, but just haven't gotten to it.

It was beyond ugly.  The wallpaper was too busy, not the greatest colors, and outdated.
My grandmother loves it.

So on one of my not-so-good days, I began stripping this wallpaper off.
I must say, I have NEVER had wallpaper come off so easily. 
It was like hot butta, I tell you.

I stripped it all the way down to the drywall

We had paint colors picked out, but when I went to buy the paint, I was in a deep dark funk,
and felt I needed paint to match my mood.
I picked out the darkest red and the darkest brown I could find.
And I went to work.

                                 Yikes!  That is REALLY dark.  I was OK with dark because
1.  I am not afraid of color, and
2.  Nate Berkus says dark colors are great for small spaces because it creates a good dramatic effect.

But that is really really dark, and it wasn't even dry yet. 
I started to panic a bit, and second guess myself.

My dear friend came and hung white chair rail and it really broke up the color and lightened things up.
Then we added a little decor.
Here is what I ended up with....
(drum roll please.....)

It could have been disastrous, but it really worked out well and
I love it!

We are starting on Nola's room and I am under strict orders from Tyson that I am
NOT to go buy the paint's another rough one!


Melissa said...

Nice job! Have you thought about painting the vanity and mirror white to match the chair rail? That wall paper looks like something that would be in my grandma's house lol :)

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