Monday, April 16, 2012

6 Months

This week marks 6 months since we bought our new house.  We have been busy painting and trying to pump some color into this place!  We love our house, but nearly every wall in every room was either a neutral beige (think barely tinted drywall), or some other hideous color. 

So here's a little before & after tour!

Kitchen before

Kitchen after

We still need to have a new backsplash put in

Dining Room before
(the previous owners had the same table set and similar paint color)
Dining Room after--painted, new light fixture & window treatments

Evan's Room before

Evan's Room after

Formal Living Room before

Formal Living Room after

Kids Bathroom before

Rylee's Room before

Rylee's Room after

Rylee's room has a bonus room attached.  The previous owners just used it for storage, but we made it a fun hangout place for Rylee and her friends.

Both sides of the doorway are chalkboard paint

We have also finished the family room, but it's not clean enough for pics today! 
Yesterday I started tearing down wallpaper in the 1/2 bath and will repaint it. 
Next week I plan to start on Nola's room.
At some point before she comes home I want to redo the master bedroom & bathroom,
the basement and the basement bathroom, and the entryway and staircase. 
I know it sounds ambitous, but if we don't get our LOA soon, I may have it all done real soon!
(Trying to keep myself busy and distracted!)


Nicole said...

The house looks great. Is it always so neat and clean? I love that you are not afraid of color!

Andrea Martin said...

Your house looks fantastic. I think you are lucky for having such a house that can be treasured like a gem.

Jaime said...

Wow . . I love all the updated rooms! Wish you could come work your magic in my house. :)

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