Monday, June 4, 2012

90 Days

Today marks 90 days that we have been waiting for our LOA.
90 agonizing days.
2,160 hours.
7,776,000 seconds.
And personally, I am over it.  

I try to be positive and look at it as being 90 days closer to our daughter.
But it's hard to keep my chin up, and it's getting harder every day.
I know that what Nola is experiencing is worse than what we are, 
but that just makes the wait even harder.

Last Friday, a huge amount of LOAs arrived from China-
-around 30 of them to be exact.  
That number is almost unheard of!
But we were not one of them.
What made it so hard was that the majority of the people who got theirs
 have not been waiting as long as we have.
While I am genuinely happy for them, 
it's hard.
As my friend put it--it felt like a party we weren't invited to.

So here's where we stand as of Friday night (when I last spoke to my agency):
We are still "in review".
This part of the process normally takes about 2 weeks--today was 3 weeks for us.
Once we move out of review, our paperwork goes to the "matching room"--
this is where LOAs are issued.  Once we get to the matching room, it should *hopefully* move quickly.
So realistically--it could be anywhere from a few days to a few more weeks before we get it.

My favorite Chinese Proverb says "An invisible red thread connects people who are destined to meet.  The thread may stretch and tangle, but it will never break".

I ordered Red Thread bracelets for all of us, and we are wearing them in honor of Nola until we can bring her HOME!!!


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