Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Official!

The next day was Tuesday, August 28.
We got up early, got everyone ready and went to breakfast.
This was the first time it really hit me that I don't know so many things about my daughter.
I had no idea what to put on her plate, what she likes to eat.
As soon as she saw the watermelon, she about jumped out of my arms trying to get it!
So I put some on her plate. 
Ok, maybe this isn't so hard after all.
I got a few other foods for her and figured we'd just go by trial and error!
Turns out, she likes EVERYTHING!!!!

She ate 4 slices of watermelon and almost everything else on her plate.  And then she wanted more.
We were truly in awe of how much food she ate!
And we were surprised that she knew how to use a fork and spoon!
She does a great job of feeding herself.

Evan was dying to try out his new chopsticks he bought the day before!

After breakfast, we ran up to our room for a quick clothing change for Nola, she had spilled on her dress.

Then we were off to the Registration Office.

We had to wait for our turn since there were other families there with us.  So we ran the halls, played with balloons, and tried to get into everything we could!
We have one VERY silly girl!

Our official Registration picture

Then we headed to the Notary Office for more official stuff.

Nola caught a quick nap on the way.  They do not use seat belts or car seats in China, so we held her on our lap everywhere we went.  Talk about unnerving.

The Notary Office was very quick.  At some point, either at the Registration Office or the Notary Office, we "officially" adopted Nola in the eyes of China.  Not sure exactly when it took place--it's all very uncerimonious.

First Family Photo!

Alice wanted to take us to the Silk Museum to look around.  It was such a neat place!

Loom used to unravel the silk from the cocoon

There was a woman soaking the leftover cocoons in water to get the worm out.  The worms are later used to make cosmetics.

Stretching the unbelievably strong silk

Silly boys!

After the Silk Museum and some lunch, we went back to the hotel for naps.  We are all still acclimating to the time difference.  The humidity and lots of walking zaps the energy right out of us!

Nola is very leery of Tyson, she won't let him hold her much.  Once she fell asleep, she climbed in bed and snuggled up with her.  She had no idea, but Daddy was able to get some lovin' in!


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