Sunday, September 23, 2012

One Less

When we returned to our hotel after meeting Nola, it was still early.
We took her to our room to spend some good quality family time getting to know our daughter.
She was still very shy and apprehensive.
She didn't disagree with anything we did, she just went with the flow because she was so scared.
I sat her on the sofa and began to play and sing.
She had no idea what I was doing!  
I engaged her for a few minutes with some toys.

Tyson and Tim went out to get us all some lunch and bring it back to the hotel.

Then I couldn't stand it any longer.  
I had to see her little feet.
I gently took off her shoes and socks, she wasn't too sure about it, but she let me do it.
She has the sweetest little piggies!
Then I sat her on my lap and painted her toenails.
This baby had never had her toes painted before, and she was VERY intrigued!
She was so still.  
As soon as I finished the first foot, she lifted the other one up for it to be painted!
She was so proud of them, and as soon as Tyson got back she showed him her pretty toes!

It was definitely a good ice breaker!

I gave her a snack, which she thoroughly enjoyed!  (Cheese & crackers!)

She got fairly messy with the cheese and was still a little sweaty from crying earlier,
so I decided to try giving her a bath.
Again, she was unsure, but went with it.
She didn't cry when I undressed her.
When I put her in the tub, she didn't know what to do--like sit down.
I helped her sit and gave her some toys.

After her bath, I rubbed her down with lotion, which she LOVED and dressed her in an outfit we brought.

Then she was comfortable enough to explore the room a little bit.

She liked the mirror

She colored with Rylee and Evan

We read books

And then went down for a nap

Later, the Martin family came to our room to hang out for a bit.

Rylee painted Millie's toenails

Nola played with the stacking cups

That evening we all went out for dinner and when we came back it was time for bed

On this night, we fell asleep with One Less.
One Less empty belly.
One Less crying baby.
One Less sad face.
One Less child going to bed without a story.
One Less going to bed without kisses and snuggles.
One Less with no one to kiss boo-boos and wipe tears.
One Less with no one to comfort after a bad dream.
One Less not knowing the love of a family.
One Less orphan in this world.


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