Thursday, February 24, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday (A Day Late)

Unbeknownst to me, people are actually reading this blog!  Apparently I disappointed a few people with my failure to post yesterday's What I'm Lovin'.  Sorry.  I'm a slacker.  Actually yesterday was crazy busy and I didn't get around to it. 

We had our Culver's fundraiser last night and it went really well.  We were a bit worried at first because it was cold and rainy and we didn't think many people would come out.  But we had a pretty good turnout!  We have another one scheduled for Wednesday, March 23.  Come see us!

OK.  Enough jabber....I know you're only here to see what I'm Lovin' this here goes:
(Geesh, kinda feelin' some pressure now!)

What I'm Lovin' this week:

McDonald's Sweet Chili Sauce.  This stuff is heaven in a cup, I tell ya!  I LOVE it!  I wish it wasn't only a limited time item.  But I'll take it when I can get it!  It holds me over until the McRib shows up again!  (The McRib is truly an item worthy of its very own What I'm Lovin' post!) 
Hmm, starting to notice that all of my posts include some type of not-so-healthy food.  I really don't eat a lot of bad food.  I just really love it!  ha ha!  But if we could fill a Krispy Kreme with Sweet Chili Sauce.....
Ok, that maybe wouldn't be so good.  But you know.

Target is my all time favorite store!  Not just this week, but for-EVA!!  I HEART Target!!  When I walk in the door, I literally have this calmness mixed with sheer excitement come over me!  I can walk around that place for hours.  I don't even have to buy anything, just being there is such a delight!  My secret wish is that my sweet sister-in-law Heather lived closer so we could leave the kids home and spend HOURS upon HOURS at Target together!  Just the two of us, perusing the aisles, loading up at the $1 Spot,  invading the clearance racks...

What I'm NOT Lovin' this week is that we are predicted to get another 4-8" of snow tonight.  Ugh.  I am SOOOOOO
done with winter.  I really hope the weatherman is wrong and it misses us.
Bring on Spring!!! 


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