Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

It's Wednesday!  We're halfway through the week!  Only 2 more days til the weekend!  Yay!!!

What I'm Lovin' this week:

SLEEP:  Maybe this should go under the "What I WOULD love" title instead!  Evan has a habit of coming into our bed at night and he is the worst person to sleep with.  He kicks, he flops, he hates covers and he is just too big to sleep between us anymore.  We have tried everything to keep him in his own bed, but nothing works.  The past 2 nights have been awful, we have been up taking him back to his room several times a night.  So today I am super tired and would LOVE sleep!!!

Cake Balls!  Here I go again with my junk food!  But seriously, these things are SOOO yummy!  I made a batch this weekend just for fun.  I've seen them everywhere and wanted to try it myself.  They were pretty easy and so good!  They really should come with a Warning:  Highly Addictive label!

Rylee.  This is my sweet girl!  She is 11 1/2 (going on 25) and she is one of the coolest kids I know!  She is funny, smart, athletic, sweet, and beautiful.  She is in 6th grade this year and yesterday she invited me to come have lunch with her at school.  I went once at the beginning of the year and she wasn't too sure about the "reaction" that would get!  Ha!  But I went yesterday and all her friends were excited and she was excited and it was so much fun!  Then this morning she asked me if I would come once a month from now on!  YAY!!  I guess that means I'm not the totally embarrassing mom that she won't be seen in public with!  Maybe that will come in the next few years, but I know several of her friends wouldn't DARE let their moms come to school for lunch, so I feel pretty honored.  And we'll just stick with the fact that it's because I'm cool!

And last but not least, I am LOVIN' the sunshine!  It has been bright and sunny for the past 2 days and it just makes me so happy!  It hasn't been very warm, but I love to look out the window and see the sun!

Have a great rest of the week everyone!


Elizabeth said...

I love that picture of Rylee! Also- I need to learn how to make those cake balls! AND- of course she wants to have you join her for lunch because you're the cool mom! She's also very confident and a leader, so I love that she is sort of setting this trend. Hopefully the wanting to hang out with your mom-thing will catch on! You're right- most Jr. High girls wouldn't want to do that- in fact, I think at her age, I had my mom drop me off at school a block away! haha

Melissa said...

Oh I made cake balls for my hubby for Valentines day. They were so good! I am making them again for Alayna's Raiderette awards night. Love the blog!

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