Friday, February 3, 2012

And Another......

In my last post I showed you all (yep...all 16 of you eager followers!) my little desk makeover.
Well, a desk isn't much good if you don't have a chair to go with it.

 I found this little gem at the thrift store last week for $4.99

I gave it a good cleaning and then I took the seat off and spray painted it lime green.
(These unseasonably warm temps are just fueling my spray painting addiction!)

I cut a thick piece of foam to fit the seat

Then I cut fabric to cover it and just stapled it to the bottom of the seat

Then I reattached the seat to the chair and this is what we had!

And this is how it looks in her room with the desk!

We figured we purchased the desk and chair and re-did both of them for under $50!
And Miss Rylee just LOVES them!


Today I decided to call USCIS just to see if we had been assigned a fingerprint appointment yet.  I know I will received notice in the mail, but the whole "patience" thing totally failed me today.  Anyway, we have been scheduled for February 29 in Indianapolis!!!  I am trying to figure out if Indy takes walk-ins.  One guy I talked to at USCIS told me that all centers take walk-ins, but if they have a full schedule that day they may turn you away.  We called the Indy office and the smart a** gentleman on the phone said that Indy does not take walk-ins, but you can go to any center you want, so if we wanted to go to a location we know takes walk-ins, we were free to do so.  I don't know what we will do.  I am hoping we receive our notice in the mail Monday or Tuesday.  I would feel better going to Indy and trying to walk in as opposed to a different center (just in case they won't take us).  But Tyson will have to take the day off work, and it is almost a 3 hour drive each if they turn us away (wherever we go) he will have to take another day off.  We are trying not to use many of his days off so he will be able to use them when we travel and get back home.  Plus, it's not always easy for him to get a day off with short notice because it is difficult to get all of his patients rescheduled.  What to do, what to do?


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